Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama first

I'm creating this blog because there are some things in politics people just don't say - or if they do, they get swallowed whole.

For instance - the whole racism/ Bill Clinton thing. Can someone explain why it is racist to imply that Obama won Mississippi because of his race? No matter how great he is as a speaker - and I'm still thinking of voting for him come elections - the fact is that black people vote for him in much greater numbers than whites do. Like I care - for two hundred years people have been voting for people just based on their white color - it's okay if black people do the same thing just for a couple of years, or more. BUT - people are voting for Obama just based on his color! All the posturing by the candidates can't deny the very different margins Obama has in black and white communities of all backgrounds.

Why, oh why, is it racist to acknowledge the fact?

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